Big News About The Wilder Group!

Although I’ve been working with a team for several years, we’ve been through several changes. Now, after months of working together, developing systems, and growing into our roles, I’m happy to share that Sarah and Colleen are officially working with The Wilder Group.

We wouldn’t be a proper real estate team without photos. So of course, we had photo day.  I can only speak for myself when I say that I didn’t get as far along in my dieting as originally planned, but our amazing photographer, Rameen Gasery, made us look gorgeous.

Here are some behind the scenes shots.

We also invited clients, friends, and family to a happy hour to meet the team. We had a great time!

To give you a little background, I decided to form a team after seven years as a Realtor. Making that leap wasn’t easy. I never felt I had time to create the model for my team, and I was worried about delegating tasks that I wanted to make sure were done right. Finally, I took the time to write out a job description for my first assistant, who became the first agent on my team. And since then, I haven’t looked back.

Two years later, I have no regrets and hope to always work with a team. Working with these amazing individuals has helped each of our clients have more responsive and engaged agents, who are also more sane and present. Each one of us brings experience and perspective to the table, allowing us to brainstorm solutions to problems and develop more considered strategies for our buyers and sellers.

We can also provide services that I couldn’t before when I was working alone. For example, all our buyers’ searches are logged into a shared google document where the status of each property of interest is readily available.  Homes of interest don’t fall through the cracks, and when multiple properties are being considered, we know which ones the client is most interested in.

Most importantly, we are friends.  We have gotten to know each other’s families. We support each other when someone needs to visit relatives or is sick. We also have a lot of fun, which makes our work seem so much less like work.

We are really excited to provide our clients and community with the benefits of working with a team. To find out more about how we work and the East Bay real estate market, feel free to contact us.