Welcome 2018!

As we embark on a new year, we consider the meaning of the work that we do.  While we are blessed that so many within our community and networks chose to work with our team, we are even more grateful that we have built a business that places excellent service and guidance above commissions and closings. Our work aligns with our values and the care and expertise that we provide naturally sustains us.

Our work is about the magic of home. Home is where families gather, live and care for each other. It is the place where our babies are born and our little ones raised. Memories and art are made in our homes. Our homes root us to our communities. When we move, the new home will be the backdrop and setting for what will come. In these ways our homes are a part of who we are.

In 2017 we humbly helped many in transition. Whether for a cross country move, to create space to support or for a growing family or to shift from one chapter to another; we saw our clients experience many phases of life. We were honored that we could help support these journeys.

To do our work well, we must learn so much about our clients. We work in the intimate spaces of their transitions and visions. We also must envision ourselves in their positions, advising in accordance with their stated intentions and needs. These are big life decisions and we appreciate their gravity.

We are grateful to do this work and look forward to continuing to provide heart-centered service in 2018. May this year bring you elevation and light.

Much love,

Farrah, Sarah and Gwen – The Wilder Group