The East Bay's parks are awesome (in case you didn't already know)

There are other areas of the Bay that are more known for natural beauty. But living in the East Bay doesn’t mean you have to drive to Marin for the health benefits and serenity that come with immersing yourself in nature.

The East Bay has tons of parks. And not just the little ones that you see plopped in the middle of an urban neighborhoods, surrounded by homes or buildings.  We have huge parks that go for miles with lakes, expansive forests, streams and grassy knolls.  Parks where you can camp, ride horses, walk along beaches, fish or canoe.  According to the East Bay Regional Park District’s website, “The system comprises 119,000 acres in 65 parks, including over 1,250 miles of trails.”

I’ve been getting into hiking and I’ve been making the rounds to various East Bay parks. But my favorite activity is finding a peaceful spot to ponder life and enjoy the scenery.

The last time I went on a hike, we felt like we had the park to ourselves. I won’t give up my new secret favorite place but feel free to find one of your own by clicking here

The Truth Behind the Most Epic MTV Cribs Episode Ever

A sleepy Redman kept it all the way real in one of the most memorable MTV Cribs episodes that ever aired.  Truth is, that actually was Redman's house, he didn't have time to clean up, and he purchased it as an investment property to flip. My take away is that Redman isn't just a talented artist but he also cares more about savvy investing than appearances.

Right on Redman!

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