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This year has been very full between working with our great group of buyers and sellers and the exciting volunteer work that Farrah does with Realtors locally and at the state and national level. Although we haven’t posted much about it yet, we’ve been very active. Today, we had a quieter moment so we thought we would highlight some of our recent listings since they are great examples of how our relationships and networks are an integral part of our primarily referral-based business.

1460 34th Street.  We met the sellers last year when we were selling a similar home just a few doors down. After they reached out, we helped them rearrange their lovely furniture and art to ensure that the photos would shine. Attracted by the larger space, coolness of a loft and convenience of a townhome, four buyers made offers. Just a few weeks later, the home was officially sold. The sellers have moved to a home in the country and the new buyers are now enjoying this great location and fun space.

4141 Piedmont Ave. The seller originally reached out to us years ago but wasn’t quite ready to sell. We kept in touch and she let us know in early 2018 that she was ready. We helped the seller select paint colors and arranged for staging. The gorgeous photos and central location ensured that open houses were well attended.  Ultimately, the seller had four great offers to choose from.  The new owner works in the neighborhood and we are sure she will enjoy the short commute coupled with the excitement and delightful shops on Piedmont Avenue for years to come.

3145 Middleton St_001_cl.jpg

3145 Middleton Street. While we were sad that our friends were only here for a short time, we were very excited to hear about their job opportunity. The space is generous and the sellers had great furniture and art. Before coming on to the market. We helped them make a few changes and additions, including some strategic painting techniques.  Multiple offers came in and the sellers, with help from their relocation company, selected one.  With a cross-country move complete, the new buyers will officially take title on Friday.

345 42nd Street is on the market now!  The Temescal Street Fair was this Sunday and being so close to Telegraph, we attracted a few visitors who had seen our signs at the festival. This sweet home has so much going for it…an unbeatable location, gorgeous original craftsman details and tons of space (4 beds and 3 baths!).   It has been a pleasure helping my friend’s family sell this special home.

So far, it’s been a great year! We have so much more to share and will post another update soon!

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Looking in Oakland? Check out this cute San Leandro home!

So I've been a little MIA between helping buyers and bringing on a few very sweet listings.  Today is the day for this lovely San Leandro home to come on to the market. It's a light and lovely two bedroom home with a big yard and bonus casita. 

Our Quarter 3 Newsletter

Happy Fall!  I'm finally feeling a chill in the air and  once again, it's time for us to send out our quarterly newsletter. Inside you'll find out more about our recent sales and learn about the current market.  Of course, if you'd like to find out more about the market or working with us, feel free to reach out to us.  Enjoy!

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The Struggle is Real

People in the East Bay, particularly in Oakland, struggling to deal with rising rents and home prices, I see you. 

When I started this blog, my main goal was to show lovely images of homes and neighborhoods in the East Bay with a smattering of nuts and bolts info on the real estate market for prospective buyers and sellers. I also love showing off our sweet listings, you know, house porn.

But I must take a moment to acknowledge the very real issues that so many people, including people who are my friends and in my community, are really struggling with housing right now.  I see it from afar on Facebook, I hear it from them when they tell me about their struggles to find rental housing, and often they come to see me looking for a home or exploring their buying options while facing an owner move-in eviction or huge rent increase.

It’s not always easy to be a small business person in these current times in Oakland.  While we work with people from many walks of life, we are also of this place and the pain that many in our community experience here is our own.  Within my Realtor community, we often lament what seems to be an unsustainably rapid rise in home prices. And I just wanted to break from the usual shiny real estate blog fare to mention the Bay Area’s housing affordability crisis and how it affects my friends. 

Homes are lovely and décor is an extension of our personal style. Or course I’ll keep posting gorgeous photos and marketing lovely East Bay homes.  But know that just as I work with all areas of residential real estate, I also deeply care about and work to help people secure affordable housing. 

As a CAR Board member I haven’t been to any of our periodic meetings where housing affordability hasn’t been one of the major topics. Our magazine often addresses this issue, our economist warns of the negative effects of low inventory and rising prices, our website provides a search tool for local assistance programs and we raise money for housing affordability programs.  I am very proud to see that the leadership and policy making arm of the Realtor community in California is taking up this issue and I’m glad to be a part of that.

To everyone out there in California, we know we have to have our emergency preparation kits but just as important, we need to be financially prepared to deal with emergencies, including and especially, our potential housing emergencies. I say this out of love. It’s not easy to save money here, it’s expensive to live here in the first place and when you add student loans and maybe kids, saving becomes super difficult.  If you never have to use the money you save for housing, then it will come in handy either for other emergencies or for retirement.  And know, that there are also people like me and programs out there that can help lend support as you navigate our very difficult housing landscape.

I see you and you are in my heart.