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Sunset Magazine is Moving to Oakland!

Oakland just keeps getting cooler and cooler.  It's not just people that are moving here, businesses are also seeing the light and coming to Oakland.  

A few months ago, news broke that Millennium, the legendary San Francisco vegan restaurant, was leaving its San Francisco location and moving to Rockridge. Now Sunset Magazine is the latest Bay Area business to announce a relocation to Oakland. 

Here's a blurb from the magazine's blog

Though we will all miss the gorgeous campus and gardens we have called home for so long, the move is consistent with Sunset’s longtime mission to reflect our readers’ lives and aspirations. In 1951 when Sunset moved from San Francisco to the south Bay, people all over the United States were leaving cities for the wide-open suburbs. Now the trend has reversed and Westerners—young people starting careers and empty-nesters alike—are opting to live where we can walk, bike or take public transit to work and experience new restaurants, shopping and culture out our front doors. We’ve documented this migration all over the West, from Denver to Portland, Seattle to San Francisco, Phoenix to LA. And now we’re part of it. 

The magazine is moving to Jack London Square and will be in the same building as a new artisan food market that is slated to open in 2016.  

How The East Bay Real Estate Market is Like Double Dutch

You might not think so but buying a house in the fast and complicated East Bay market is not that different than double dutch. Just like in double dutch, from the sidelines (ie watching friends try to buy, trolling Zillow, etc), the market looks fast and confusing.  And just like a double dutcher newbie who gets slapped around by the ropes the first few times they jump in, if you're making offers in this market, you'll probably feel like you're being slapped around by the competition. 

Ultimately, the same rules for succeeding in buying a home here apply in double dutch:  persistence, preparation and fast movement pay off. In double dutch, if you have your tennies laced up tight, you're mentally prepared and you keep trying, eventually you'll get the hang of it.  As for buying a home, if you're preapproved and ready to pounce  and looking at homes that are more or less within your price range, if you keep at it, you will eventually succeed. 

I know it's rough but don't give up!

Duplexes are hot hot hot!

As prices continue to rise, homebuyers are looking for ways to mitigate ever higher mortgage payments.

Enter the duplex. 

Rather than move to a distant 'burb, buyers can offset some of the expense of homeownership in the Bay if they buy a duplex and rent out one unit.  Of course, there is the added work of being a landlord and all the attendant laws that go with that. But then again, the extra income can be very helpful. Plus, a group of friends or multiple generations in a family can be close to each other but not too close (read: under the same roof). 

And if you happen to be looking for a duplex in the East Bay, we just so happen to have a duplex listing right now, check it out at www.3437henrietta.com