real estate and double dutch

How The East Bay Real Estate Market is Like Double Dutch

You might not think so but buying a house in the fast and complicated East Bay market is not that different than double dutch. Just like in double dutch, from the sidelines (ie watching friends try to buy, trolling Zillow, etc), the market looks fast and confusing.  And just like a double dutcher newbie who gets slapped around by the ropes the first few times they jump in, if you're making offers in this market, you'll probably feel like you're being slapped around by the competition. 

Ultimately, the same rules for succeeding in buying a home here apply in double dutch:  persistence, preparation and fast movement pay off. In double dutch, if you have your tennies laced up tight, you're mentally prepared and you keep trying, eventually you'll get the hang of it.  As for buying a home, if you're preapproved and ready to pounce  and looking at homes that are more or less within your price range, if you keep at it, you will eventually succeed. 

I know it's rough but don't give up!